With the Paramotor above the Churches of Transylvania – Day 3

Flying above Rupea Fortress

After spending the night in the van at the walls of the Sighisoara fortress (Burg in German) and some butter croissants at the supermarket, we headed off to do the final leg of our paramotor trip around the Rupea fortress. When we found a good field to serve as our takeoff, the early morning mist was still rising in the whitish light. It was a deafening silence as we had breakfast sitting on toolboxes, only interrupted by my phone chirping that I had new e-mail and his customers calling him to supply them with coffee.

It was time for us both to confess that neither of us could hold a regular job for too long. Getting ready for takeoff on Monday morning when everybody is in an early-hour frenzy is an experience that you cannot have if you care too much about your 9 to 5 job.

The fort at Rupea (HU: Kőhalom, DE: Reps) was the first on our trip, followed by the fortified church at Homorod (same name in all other languages).

We left the main road then and climbed across a few hills to get to Roades (HU: Rádos, DE: Raddeln). It was a completely different site cut off from the busy motorised society.

We found a fortified church with a collapsed tower. I was wondering while filming from above: how much time would it take for the German locals to rebuild this tower two hundred years ago? But it would have not collapsed back then because they maintained it properly.

We had one last stop on our journey at Viscri (HU: Fehéregyháza, DE: Weiskirich). It was a beautifully preserved robust church with thick walls and towers, a UNESCO world heritage site.

I really enjoyed that we still have so much wild beauty in this country and you can still do whatever you like to experience it. We have almost complete freedom of handling, just not hurt anybody or cause too much damage.