With the Paramotor above the Churches of Transylvania – Day 2 – from Medias

Flaying back from Medias

Medias city centre.

The takeoff from the patch of grass surrounded by everything you don’t want to crash into was anything but normal. There was no wind to help us. With his competition-pilot skills, Barni managed to cruise around in tight circles to avoid all obstacles and still get enough lift to climb out and above the cityscape. No filming, sorry for that, I was terrified enough not to care about the camera.

As we checked out in Medias while having a coffee, there were enough empty spaces without overhanging cables to land in the city center, so we went back to visit it again, this time in the air.

On the ride back we could fly low and get personal with a few villages with an outstanding architecture. These are still in the mainstream, with tourists visiting the fortified churches and generating income to the villages. Biertan (Birthälm, Berethalom) was the first with its castle-like church, which is the most elaborate and poetic rural fortified church in the region.

At Biertan we got down and close to the church tower again, so after visiting the village, we had to climb up again with the paramotor. We were quite heavy and the motor had a hard time pushing us, so to climb out from the valleys we needed to hitch a ride on thermals too to help us get high.

Above picture: getting some height in thermals after Biertan. Next stop: Malancrav (DE: Malmkrog, HU: Almakerék). At Malancrav they have an almost Spartan church, the complete opposite of the romanticism of Biertan (Ok, I did it, I used this word in the non-historic meaning). There is also a manor house of the Apafi family (then owned by the Bethlen family, then by the communists, then by the Evagngelical church and now by the Mihai Eminescu Trust, which renovated it properly).

Our track at Malancrav. By this time we had a pattern to our visit: arriving high, burning some altitude in spirals and wingovers, next the tour of honour around the church tower and leaving low, almost scratching the roofs.

On the way back we visited Iacobeni again. I enjoyed this low-level approach so much, that I need to share the video here too. I have a feeling that there are too many churches and towers in this post already, but hey, that was our focus here on this trip.

Landed at our base camp. That’s me, signing the picture in the lower right corner with my shadow.