Bulgarian Black Sea coast by kayak – Day 4

Sunday in the waters of Varna was crowded. It was great. There was the occasional grumpy husband fishing in a small rubber inflatable, who just ran away from the wife, jovial fishermen doing their job and pulling in a net, two kitesurfers zipping around like crazy dragonflies and a majestic sailing boat competition. We were not the only weirdos on waves at last.

Varna has a large bay and ocean liners dock in its harbor too. I was afraid of crossing the waterways of the big girls, but we only had to give way to the Louise Marie, a smallish but classy yacht on our way across Varna Bay.

The scenery changed completely once we crossed the harbor. It was wild again and right across Varna bay, there was a very good-looking restaurant right next to the sea. We just had our cappuccinos on the beach on the other side, so did not bother to stop again, but this place is definitely worth a visit

HINT:  Look for Cape Galateja or Galata, Romantika restaurant across Varna.

We were in the wild again with lush vegetation and a narrow stretch of sandy beach almost without interruption for the next 20 km.

North of Varna wherever we stopped, they were used to and expected tourists to flood them, they even had the menu in Romanian at most restaurants and bars. South of Varna there was pristine nature and a rural atmosphere. There were a few fishing huts scattered on the coast and some bistros and restaurants but tending only to the locals. They knew little English, let alone any other language besides Bulgarian, but it felt great to interact with these “grounded” people again.

In the woods, we saw lots of small huts obviously built and used by locals as weekend or summer getaways. Some were more sloppy, others showing off their wealth more, but all very local and likable.

At the day’s end, we reached the village of Kamchya and stopped 1 km short of their main beach to take hold of our own and private beach. On this day we covered 30.5 km at a moving speed of 5.8 kmh.

Campsite at the end of day 4.




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