Bike and Fly at Topola

About Topola:

Topola, Bulgaria is a great site for soaring in the sea breeze. It needs winds between 12 and 25 kmh between SE and SW. The best in my opinion is 15-20 kmh South, because it gives enough lift and it is still not too strong to be able to cruise from one direction to the next. The maximum flyable coastline is approx. 13 km long when conditions are ideal.

While on holiday there, I took my flying bicycle and climbed up to the takeoff. I did not check where the official takeoff was, so I just cycled along the ridge to find a takeoff place. The track uploaded to xcontest contains both the cycling and the flying sections, because they are part of the same adventure.

Cycling on country roads in search for a suitable takeoff:

After landing:


It was a beautiful flight so I made up plans to do a bike and fly trip covering the entire Bulgarian Black Sea coast next year.

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