Bike and Fly takeoff

Many people have asked me how I take off and land with the bicycle harness. Obviously not on wheels but on foot. Taking off in cycling mode would be impossible because the wing would knock me off immediately when I try to lift it. Landing on wheels is theoretically possible, but I never tried it. I do care about my safety, even though this project might suggest otherwise.

The trick in this entire project, why this all works is, that I simply pivot back the front part of the bicycle and my legs reach the ground comfortably without the bicycle getting in the way. So I can easily do ground handling and take off as I do with a regular harness, and land in the same way.

To show how I do it, I posted a small video of ground handling in pretty strong conditions. My wing handling is probably not the best, but the video still shows how ground handling and takeoff is possible with the bicycle.


Showing off takeoff skills (if any) in turbulent air

Posted by Tihamér Juhász on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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